AVCTC’s Favorite Small Businesses

It is no secret how challenging it has been to own a small business in 2020. As we enter into more lockdowns and restrictions, businesses will inevitably be impacted. That is why I put together a list of some local small businesses that we love and know would very much appreciate your support!

Even if you don’t need the service of these particular small business, I encourage you to find a way to support YOUR favorite small businesses. Restaurants and personal care providers (nail, hair, etc.) are being impacted greatly right now. I think it would so impactful if we started a trend of buying gift certificates for our friends and families for places that are geographically close to them that you know they love (not for large chains). This will ensure that the places they love can be around in the years to come and as they say “when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance”!

We put together this graphic to be shared on Instagram stories where you can tag your favorite shops and businesses to share with your loved ones the best ways to support you and the community during this challenging time. We even made up a hashtag – #shopsmallforme – so fun! Use the hashtag and tag us when you share: @ot4spd. The best part is you can tag your friends who are hard to buy for to see what they want. You can download a blank version at the bottom of this post!

Here is an example:

(Example IG story)

Our Favorite Bay Area Small Businesses

Gift Certificates/Experiences Ideas

Lemon Tree Event

Audra Rose

Fit Parent Bootcamp

Gilroy Ostrich Farm


A Work of Heart

Cucino Bambini

Taste Buds

My Little Conservatory

Shops and Physical Gift Ideas

Thinker Toys in Morgan Hill

The Wooden Horse

Petit Advocate

Meenal Patel Studio

Hicklebee’s Book Store

OT Park 

Sensory Ideas:

The Sensation Nation

Children’s Discovery Museum

Kids Gym Berkley


Food Ideas:

Willow Street Pizza

Bibo Pizza

BLVD Coffee

Ada’s Cafe

Donation Ideas

Animal Assisted Happiness

Magical Bridge Playground

*If you would like to be added to our list, please send us an email (info@av-ctc.com).

IG Story Template

Download a copy of your own #shopsmallforme IG story template. Let’s encourage our loved ones to keep our small businesses thriving despite the challenging times.

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