Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a customized-to-your family opportunity to understand your child’s needs and learn how you can help them thrive. You’ll be guided by a trained therapist who will listen, not judge, and provide you advice and support that will help your family gain peace. If typical parenting methods have not been working for your child – or worse yet, have made things even more challenging for them – then AVCTC is the place for you. We can be your trusted ally in parenting your child.

Parent coaching

Think of parent coaching as a call with a friend who happens to have extensive experience in supporting children with developmental differences. We will guide you to resources we think will be helpful which may include books, educational training, other service providers and more.

Is AVCTC right for you?

At AVCTC, we believe that children’s behaviors are their best available way to communicate their state of regulation and/or current abilities. We have tossed aside the common notion that children primarily use behavior either to get something, or to get out of something, as the scientific community now recognizes that there is a lot more to children’s behavior than meets the eye. We understand that a child’s behavior is a protective response from their brain to keep them safe, and look at their behaviors as clues to determine what they may be trying to tell us. This allows us to go beyond the what (e.g. child refuses to sit at the dinner table with family), and get to the why (e.g. child is severely sensitive to tactile input resulting in a sense of threat and lack of safety). Through play, as the child’s primary occupation, we strategically help the child regulate abnormal sensory input to develop physical coordination, emotional maturity, social skills, and self-confidence. We combine many clinical approaches to come up with a plan that is meaningful and impactful for your child. Some approaches we incorporate include: Integrated Listening Systems, Sensory Integration, DIR/Floortime, Social Thinking, Zones of Regulation, STAR Center, Reflex Integration, Handwriting without Tears and more!”

How We Can Help

All human beings are active seekers of knowledge and play is an integral facet of this ongoing quest. The pedagogical value of play does not lie in its use as a way to teach children a specific set of skills through structured activities called “play.” Rather, play is valuable for children primarily as a medium for development and learning (Doris Bergen, 1998).

Dr. Doris Bergen

Parent Coaching FAQ's

A family coach is a partner/sounding board/neutral 3rd party that helps the entire family identify their goals and establish new routines to achieve positive change.

Parenting education programs offer support and education that can address issues and make parenting easier, more enjoyable and can strengthen a child’s ability to thrive. Parent education is a big part of our typical therapy model. As a society we recognize that parenting style of the past may not be the best moving forward. But, what are appropriate parenting styles? It becomes even more challenging when we add into the mix parenting a child with extra needs. Parenting education may include pointing you to resources, helping you behind the scenes to know what your rights are, navigating challenging behaviors in a developmentally and relationally appropriate manner, making big parenting decisions such as whether to seek out a diagnosis or not and so much more.

A parent coaching session allows both the Occupational Therapist and parents to work together for a more productive outcome. Using an open dialogue we will work to determine strategies and techniques that will work in your unique family and environment. Topics like self-care skills development or toileting can get much needed attention with this type of approach too!

No. Parent coaching or consultation is not typically covered by insurance

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