COVID-19 Policies

STATUS: We are currently seeing clients in person & via telehealth platforms

Our priority during this current pandemic (and always) is to keep our staff and clients safe and to ensure we can continue to support your child to achieve their maximum potential. Now more than ever, we see how critical it is that children receive support in order to get through this unprecedented time. We anticipate that the impact of this pandemic on our youth will be tremendous and we still have yet to see the ultimate affects it will have on their overall development. While children are resilient, we know the value of early intervention in mitigating challenges and many children who would have received support during this critical time in their development may not have received it in order to ensure their safety. Our team at AVCTC is available to provide occupational therapy services to support families. We have implemented strict safety measures to ensure the safety of our team and of your family. We have had many families who have told us they have waited to get help because they did not feel that teletherapy was an effective tool for their family. While we have seen great success with our online services, we too feel that the therapeutic relationship is best achieved in person.