Awesome Product: FORT

Here at AVCTC we LOVE products that allow kids to be creative and also meet their diverse and rich sensory needs! That is why when we heard about this new product called FORT, I signed up to buy them immediately! They are magnetic pillow forts.


Often in the OT world the products we buy tend to be primary colors, not aesthetically pleasing, and very expensive! I am so happy to see the design world is finally seeing the value in these types of products for ALL kiddos! This is a perfect at home solution for those of you whose kids are constantly climbing on your couch and pulling your cushions off! Items like these will allow them to meet their sensory needs but LEAVE. THE. DANG. COUCH. ALONE.! haha

Look how beautiful they look!

If you sign up on Kickstarter you can get 45% off. They will retail for $399 but will be much less for those who buy early.

*I am not affiliated with this company or sponsored in any way. (Hey, FORT, wanna sponsor me?! 😂)

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