About Us

AVCTC provides a complete and integrated approach to supporting mind and body development and growth so that  children are better able to manage their complex emotions, cope with the sometimes overwhelming demands of the enviorment, and  participate i n their daily lives  as independtly as possible .

Our Mission

Support Families and Children to reach their maximum potential through evidence-based treatment, education  and compassion

Our History

At AVCTC the Cornerstone of your treatment is centered on emotional regulation, engagement and relationships, and developing the foundational skills necessary and meaningful to the child and their caregivers. In addition we place a big emphasis on parent education. We find that you cannot separate emotional development from physical development of the body and that they must be addressed simultaneously  to see optimal development. we combine our extensive understanding of the body with a relationship- based model to create a comprehensive, personalized plan for each individual and their family. 

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